Turkey with sore foot/leg

Anne W

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I have a 4 month old turkey with sore foot or leg. She can walk around on it but lifts it underneath her now and again -she also pecks gently at it looking bemused. It is warm to the touch and can't see any injury. She had to be caught about 4-5 days ago and think perhaps she pulled something then. She is fine in herself - eating, drinking and mooching around.

I was going to try her on baytril 2.5% which I had left over from treating a rabbit - how much do you think I should give her and how often?

I am new to turkeys so any advice would be great.


Herefordshire, UK.
Hmm difficult to judge - check for swelling of the pad underneath the foot for Bumblefoot.

You can also make sure your perches aren't too high.

Tylan can be used for Hock infection caused by Mycoplasmosis - check there are no respiratory problems. It is also used for various other infections that cause inflammation of the legs.

Baytril is often used instead of Tylan in Respiratory problems, I don't know for leg problems.

There is a typical dosage for Baytril here - but a call to your vet to check would be the best reassurance. You can also check the NOAH database (link from the Baytril page above).