I have a 7-month old guin cock. He had a guinea fowl father and a barnvelder hen mother. Readers may recall 1 of numerous press articles about him in May just after he hatched. He was an extremely ugly chick but has matured into a barnvelder cockrel lookalike. I believe the cross happened because the guinea-cock was reared with the barnvelders. The father was unfortunately stolen when the story was published, leaving his mate very distressed.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who has information or news of another guinea cross.


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Until recently, a farmer friend of mine owned a pair of guinea Fowl X Bantams. I saw them the day they hatched, both were black and white with bright orange legs and beaks, and one had a beard.
The father was a pied Guinea cock and the mother a black Mottled bearded bantam hen.
As they grew, they became mottled in the manner of an Exchequer Leghorn. Both were combless and had no Wattles. They also grew larger than either parent, and could fly well like a Guinea Fowl.
They responded to guinea Fowl calls, but preferred the company of chickens.
With age, both became pure White. neither ever laid an egg, or showed any interest in treading hens or guinea hens, so the jury was out over what sex they were! They both made a ripe old age with one passing away in it's ninth year, and the bearded one ' Egbert ' in his eleventh year. I have a photo of Egbert but don't know how to post it here, my Images are to large it seems!


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Lordluck if you right click on your photo, it will give you the option to "open with" choose "paint", when paint opens, click the top bar where is says "image" next cllck on "resize/skew" from the options. In the opened box you wil see horizontal and vertical... with "%" next to them, try reducing to 20% and see what that looks like. Rename the photo and save. This should be small enough to upload to here ;)