Cracking a turkey egg?


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:)19 Apologies to those of you who wouldn't dream of doing such a thing, but... a friend gave me a turkey egg to try yesterday. This morning I decided to fry it & have it on a toasted crumpet. I cracked the shell on a pan support on the cooker, as usual. The shell cracked very easily but I couldn't get through the membrane. I tried to get through the membrane with a serrated kitchen knife & eventually managed to make a tiny hole in it. I then tried to enlarge the hole with my fingernails. All that I got was a heap of bits of eggshell everywhere. With more brute force I tore the wretched thing open by which time my frying pan was full of bits of broken eggshell, now with broken egg mixed in.

I gave up, emptied the contents of the frying pan into my food waste bin & started again with my hens' eggs in a clean pan.

Apart from trying to eat the turkey egg in the first place, what did I do wrong? I can't see any helpful suggestions on the internet as to how to break open a turkey egg whilst keeping the yolk intact???


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Hampshire, U.K.
Ha ha! That would have made a good video!
I suppose the membrane has to be really thick because such a large, heavy bird has evolved to sit on it to hatch it - never mind that they all hatch in incubators nowadays.
Does your friend also keep ostriches? You’ll need a chainsaw for that!