Pekin drake that needs rehoming - colchester


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Colchester, Essex
Hello im wondering if anyone can help me, yesterday i went to see a pekin drake that my sister saw was for rehoming. I never intended to take the duck on but went to see him as was in the area. I ended up taking him because he was living in such poor conditions and has a damaged eye, so just couldnt leave him there (and the owners said they were going to release him into the wild if he didnt go). Ill be taking him into work to have his eye seen to (im a vet nurse), and have him thoroughly checked over. I cannot really keep him myself as i have three bantams and room restrictions. Is there anyone who is willing to rehome him once hes back to good health? Im happy to drive him to you within reason (im in the colchester essex area but am willing to drive distance). Any help would be appreciated! Im waiting on the owners to give me more history of him so will update when they get back to me.
Thank you!


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Hi Naomi :) I have just passed this on to a friend who is looking for a compromised or elderly Drake. Will let you know.