Meeting the Queen.


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Hampshire, U.K.
That’s lovely. Thanks for sharing that, truly an experience to remember.
I liked the bit about your toecaps setting off the alarm. Did they make you go through in your socks?


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Here are our wristbands.
I didn't have to go through in my socks, after a frisk, and I mentioned my boots, they ran a portable scanner over me, and the boots set it off.

There was a lot of joking en route especially when we went past the Clink gaol and they had a skeleton hanging outside in a cage, the last person who tried to get in without a wristband etc, but when we got to the end of the "snake" queue and were waiting for security, everyone went totally silent ready for the entrance into the hall. I Hope some of them did look up at the wonderful ceiling.

We had the Gentleman at Arms, Household Cavalry and Beefeaters on guard.

Our Godsons daughter was a brakes person on the gun carriage yesterday.


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Gascony, France
What a wonderful experience for you @bigyetiman . They have covered events here in France as much as they have in the UK; four channels on the funeral procession. Nothing to do with the few Brits left here (only 100,000 legally resident from an estimated illegal 2 million pre-Brexit) but because the French are fascinated by the British Royal Family. It may have something to do with their Royals, who were so out of touch with reality they were ultimately beheaded ("the peasants are starving", "so let them eat cake").One TV reporter said "the strength of Britain is because of the Royal Family". Well I have to say that no County in the world could have made such a display and it makes one proud to be British for a change.


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Fabulous cartoon. I love Donald Trump saying that if he had been President, he would have been given a better seat nearer the front than Biden. That man's brain is wired up in a totally different way to the rest of us.

There was a very aristocrat lady in the queue, who suddenly announced in a very posh voice to her friend

"I am going to have to try one of these portaloos, I can't say I am relishing the experience" and off she trotted, this was about 2 am

She came back

" Well, it was not a totally pleasant, experience, but given the circumstances, one must be prepared to endure a little unpleasantness for Her Majesty"

We were both reminded of Joan Sims in Carry On Up The Khyber, as she calmy went through dinner whilst the battle raged around her.

The funeral procession was astounding, with all the different company colours, and how lovely to see the Mounties at the front. We saw one of them interviewed and they had never ridden those horses before as they couldn't bring their own mounts over.