Losing Feathers in the Pond


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Hi there, I’m new to the forum and also a relatively new duck keeper. We got two one day old ducklings in June, Dimple and Button, who turned out to be make and female. I love them. ? They free range in the garden during the day, (have a fox proof run at night) and we have a small pond where they like to hang out alot of the time during the day. The thing is they seem to lose lots of feathers in the pond. They look perfectly healthy ( to my eye) but I’m worried as so many feathers seem to be shed. I’ve attached a photo which hopefully gives you an idea of amounts. This is just one day’s lost feathers from 2 ducks. What do you experienced duck owners think? Thank you. FFFB3C7E-F81E-4F6B-8E89-3373CC5540D5.jpeg


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Hi Johied, & welcome.
You're not being ignored; DorsetDuckOwner is the person you need. I'm sure she'll be along in the next day or so to advise you.


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Hi! thanks for your post :) This is nothing to worry about, they are probably moulting a bit. They tend to have a couple of moults a year, one which is really drastic and all their wing feathers drop out and another around about this time of the year when they loose some fetahers and regrow new ones without looking to bad. You will get to know their cycles. Lovely names!!!