LF Sussex eggs


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Does anyone on the forum either have, or know someone who has, good quality Sussex please? A friend has asked me if I can find them a dozen hatching eggs for dispatch to France as he is having trouble finding any of sufficient quality. The Sussex isn't a breed I know anything about and there are so many of the hybrid look-a-likes around that without expert help it's a bit like buying a pig in a poke! My colleague is a poultry judge and the secretary of the French Board of Breed Standards, so he really knows his stuff. He has helped me find several of the rare French breeds in which I'm interested and I would like to repay the favour. Any birds he raises will be sure of a good home and they will be well cared for.
He has been a great help in persuading French breeders to send eggs to a "Rosbif" as it is the breeds that are important to him rather than where they are going. It's sort of establishing a kind of Entente Cordiale between UK and French breeders! Any help, even if it is just helping to spot a proper Sussex from a hybrid would be gratefully accepted and I would probably be easily persuaded to add them to my own flock too! Thanks in advance, Mal.


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Fred Hams, near Ashford in Kent might be worth a try. He used to keep a good breeding flock of Light Sussex; I had one of his until a couple of months back.