Information about Crowing Hens


Herefordshire, UK.
This FAQ provides some information about hens that start to crow

A crowing hen is quite a well known phenomenon that leaves a few poultry keepers scratching their heads. Sometimes out of a group of hens, one may start to crow. This is usually due to a hormonal change within the bird which can occur for a number of possible reasons:

  • She is trying to change her position within the pecking order of the flock, there is no cockerel in the flock to take charge so she assumes his position trying to crow from time to time. As she matures a little more she will usually settle down and stop crowing but you should keep a close eye on her in case it is a more serious problem than this.
  • She has an infected ovary. The crowing will often get worse as the infection gets worse and she will usually need a trip to the vets in order that she can be examined and placed on a course of antibiotics to clear this infection.
  • She has a tumour in or near her ovaries. Whilst this is fairly uncommon in hens, this has been found to cause the same symptoms as having an infected ovary. Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do if she has a tumour.