how can i show my runner ducks?


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hi im new to keeping waterfowl as im only 15 but i was wandering if anyone could help me get into showing them, they are only 1 week old at the moment.

i would be greatful for any help



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North Wales
Hi Barnacott,
I'm 16 and have been showing poultry and waterfowl for several years. You'll have to wait until next year if you're looking to show them as that is the time they will be about the right age, and also there won't be many smaller shows during the winter.
I would start showing in small local shows if there are any locally as they are a good introduction to showing, and you will also meet lots of experienced breeders and exhibitors who can give you useful tips towards your showing.
In the meantime, while you are waiting for your ducks to grow up ;) , try and visit one of the big poultry shows in the winter such as the Federation or the National, where you will see a huge number of ducks on display and you will know what you are aiming for!

Good luck and please contact if you need any advice