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Hi All!

I hope this is allowed - if not please remove.

A bit of background, I fell in love with poultry two years ago and now I want to be involved with poultry full time! I am a recent graduate of a marketing school interested in chickens and people's attitudes towards poultry. I am looking to gather information through a quick survey - it takes about 6 minutes to complete.

If you would like to complete it here’s the link:


If you participate in other poultry forums or have friends with chickens please feel free to share my link.

Depending on what I learn I may use this to consider a chicken-related business opportunity.

Thanks in Advance

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Hampshire, U.K.
Hi Pluckyhen and welcome to the Forum. And good luck with your project. Strictly speaking, new members aren’t supposed to post links until they’ve contributed regular posts, in order to deter the spammers selling all sorts of dubious things that sometimes try it on, but I’ve done your survey and it is obviously poultry-centred so as moderator I’ve let it stay.

Your survey is interesting, although most of our members are in the UK so some parts are not quite so relevant to us, eg the prices in dollars - maybe you might also include equivalents in ££s?

Also, many if not most backyard keepers in the UK have hybrid layers, which are relatively cheap to buy and lay reliably, besides coming in many shapes, sizes and colours, fully vaccinated at pol, and laying a selection of different coloured eggs. They are usually less expensive as they are commercially reared in large numbers to 16+ weeks and have the full vaccination programme, which for reasons of scale and expense is not usually available to smaller-scale breeders of purebred chickens.Your survey didn’t include reference to these hybrids or give me the option to explain why I chose my particular hybrids or how they compare with what we in the UK call purebreds. Are they common in the USA?
Anyway, I hope you get some more responses and comments on here - our members range from new keepers just starting out with a few back garden hens, to people with many years of experience in keeping and breeding various types of poultry. We are a friendly bunch and I’m looking forward to news about how you get on.


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Gascony, France
Completed your survey. Few points though:-
We have multiple small flocks not one single one.
I've never heard the term 'heritage breeds'. 'Pedigree' is the term used (or 'pure race' in France), which includes La Fleche, Wyandottes, Orpingtons and dozens more. Most people get hybrids first, or rescues. Here in France hybrid layers can be bought from a store for €12, but you can buy farm meat birds for €5 and they will lay. Pedigrees start at €30.
Plenty of people have tried to make a business from poultry supplies, but very few have succeeded.