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Hi all.

Hoping someone can put my mind at ease :?:

I am new to all of this, ducks, hatching etc. I have 5 Indian Runner duck eggs at hatching point in my Rcom 10 Pro but I'm struggling to keep the humidity as high as what I have read on many sites. The humidity in my incubator is currently 72% and I can't seem to keep it any higher, 3 of the eggs have pipped but not through the membrane, (1 around 4pm 28.08.22 and the other 2 early this morning 29.08.22). Will the humidity at 72% be ok for them to hatch successfully unaided? I can still hear peeping. Any advice much appreciated, many thanks Fiona.

*Update* 2 have very slightly broken the membrane this afternoon, resembles a tear but not poked out as yet.
**Update** One has hatched successfully around 4.45pm I'm guessing because I flipping missed it after watching most of day :) however the first one that pipped hasn't done anything further yet, should I be concerned? Fnally hatched not long after midnight,wow.
***Update*** I now have 3 healthy ducklings with a 4th about to hatch :)
****Update**** After lots and lots of debating, googling, researching we decided it was necessary to give a little help to #4 due to it's position and zipping at the side of the egg rather than the end it had struggled for 5 hours, the membrane was drying out and sticking so whether we should have or not we chipped away a little of the shell following the cracks itself had created, 30 mins later the duckling broke free itself. Today he/she is feeding and drinking with the other 3 little ones. Some of the membrane was still stuck to it so I've had to clean it's eye, beak and wing on it's right side, a little of the membrane was preventing the eye from opening fully but now it's bright eyed and bushy tailed I'm pleased to say :)

4 little ducklings.jpg

Unfortunately the final (5th) egg was not meant to be but I'm happy that 4 out of the 5 eggs hatched and now have 4 quazy runner ducklings :)


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Brilliant! Well done!

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Fantastic! Any chance of some pics? (See https://poultrykeeperforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=11259) This should be easier when Josh finishes updating us to the new software, but in the meantime …..