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Island of Fetlar, Shetland Islands
Over many years I've kept a lot of different breeds. Some have been excellent layers (eg RIR's) , others good and meaty (eg Indian Game) and others very beautiful (eg Chamois Campines).
I cannot understand why the Black Australorp is not more popular. It lacks the exaggerated fluffiness of the Orpington and the mediocre laying ability of the Jersey Giant. It is steady as a rock and has none of the irritating flightiness of the Mediteranean breeds. Furthurmore it looks beautiful on a sunny day with a beetle-green sheen to its feathers. It's got to be said that our Australian cousins have created a breed which is close to perfection.
Now I have no axe to grind and no longer keep them but have used them as one of the foundation breeds in a project. My passion is experimental breeding. But if, in my dotage, I choose to keep just one breed then it will be the Australorp.


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When I first started out with chickens I was very interested in Australorps, tried to source some, no luck. There I think is the answer to why they aren't more popular, if they aren't available then people don't keep them initially, then the small percentage that then go on to breed don't breed them and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Is it true that they have never done as well for egg production outside of Australia as they have at home?