Chinese painted quail hen needs a mate


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Hi everyone

Hope someone can help me with the following.

My Chinese painted quail hen’s mate died a few months ago. I couldn’t find a local replacement so I got some eggs. I had 8 Hatch, 3 of which are cocks. I have read conflicting advice about maturity of males and wonder at what age I can introduce one of them to the hen... she’s desperate poor thing. The boys are 8 weeks old now.

So having 9 birds total and 3 boys I though I’d keep them in trios and see how they go. One trio already separated and seem happy enough atm. So next question is advice on introducing the male first? then introducing a female that the male grew up with? Any ideas gratefully received ....

Note: Non of the babies are showing any signs of aggression as yet; the boys crow; at least two of the girls are laying. Two boys and three girls are currently sharing their growing cage.

Many thanks for any help

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Hi Jacquilee,
All my CPQ eggs were hatched by a broody hen (who's sadly not around anymore). And she has raised them too. So I have not had to introduce any CPQ to the rest of the group of CPQ I have because they were all together to start with.
I can't remember how old they were when it became obvious that there too many male in the mix, but basically as soon as they gain their red feathers (under their bum) which separates them from the girls, the males were pretty much much mature enough (or adolescent enough, the way they behaved 😂) to start jumping on anything that moved, male or female, and fight with anything that moved too... Not just between male.
So not sure that helps but that's all I can offer, I'm afraid...