Bumble Foot


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I think one of my hens might be starting with a case of bumble foot. I've never come across this before so I have had to consult with my friend Google.
She appears to be limping slightly and when stood is holding up one foot. There is no scab or pus filled blister on her foot but it does appear slightly swelled and puffy.
Just wondering what the best course of action would be. Soaking in Epsom salts? And should I separate her from the other birds although I don't think this is necessary as I understand it bumble foot is caused by the staphylococcus bacteria entering the foot through a cut so its not something the other birds can catch from her.
Any advise would be much appreciated.


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Gascony, France
Sounds like she has landed heavily and bruised it JoanneB, assuming she hasn't got a splinter in it. No need to do anything at the moment I think other than to see if there is any way she could land heavily on a hard surface. Is the perch too high?


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Adding to Chris’s comment; is there any way she could have trod on something sharp, eg a thorn in the garden, or if you use wood chippings made from hedge cuttings, or a discarded nail? Such injuries can have a very small point of entry, hard to see at the start, which potentially makes-them more liable to deeper infection.
If the inflammation gets worse she will need a trip to the vet for antibiotics. Meanwhile, keep the foot as clean as you can (daily bathing in antiseptic solution and clean bedding.) These things always happen over a Bank Holiday weekend, don’t they, - but by Tuesday it should be clearer what more, if anything, is needed. Hens don’t go round holding up a foot for nothing, so keep her in a quiet, undisturbed place to reduce the need to tread on it or to fly down on it from a perch.
Do let us know how she gets on.