Another RIP


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Lost another hen yesterday. She was showing signs of being unwell last week, but I was very unwell myself last week, so I didn't have what it takes to deal with it. I did pick her up one evening, and some murky liquid came from her beak, so I thought it might be a crop problem, although her crop felt fine.
However, yesterday morning, she looked like she was standing to attention - her undercarriage drooping towards the ground, like a water filled balloon. As I was bringing her out of the pen to cull, I tipped her head down, and [emoji33][emoji33] it was like a horror movie! Lots of horrible brown sludgy liquid spewed out. Far too much for just a crop problem. It was unbelievable the volume of liquid that came out - thought there was going to be no end to the stuff! I'm now thinking maybe it was ascites, from peritonitis? Whatever it was, she's not suffering any more. And at around 3 years old, she'd done well, for a hybrid.
I'm down to 3 now, and I keep saying this is the last batch. I'm too busy for it, at the moment. And finding it harder to heave sacks of feed around!

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