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    If put water out for wild quail will they become dependent on it?

    I live in AZ (was 115 degrees yesterday)... HORRIFIC. I cannot wait to move!! I am stuck here for at least another year or so. ...but I live next to the preserves and have lots of quail visit my backyard. I feel sorry for them and placed shallow bowl of water on my backyard balcony (the quail...
  2. Tropical

    Confused! Why won't quail and baby quail eat the quail seed block?

    I live in AZ and bought a quail block on amazon (shown pictured is the one I bought)... but the quail barely touch it!! Any idea why? The adult quail peck at it few times but then are not interested in it at all. Also, some quail who visit my backyard have super young baby quail (only about one...