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  1. foxy

    Selecting for egg production - traditionally...

    Thought some of members might find this article interesting, looking at the traditional ways of evaluating egg production and health amongst layiing flocks. Most of the information contained is taken from books around the 1930s and 1940s, some very interesting stuff there indeed! :D...
  2. foxy

    Good day out!

    Leicester Agricultural Show - 27th July :D :D Reserve Best In Show Best Soft Feather Bantam Best Faverolles Best Large Salmon Faverolles
  3. foxy

    Couple of odd ones...

    Couple of chicks from a recent hatch...took me a while to realise a naughty cockerel had got into the breeding these sweeties are not pure faverolles! :D :D
  4. foxy

    White and Lavender Muscovy Drake - Bristol

    One lovely lavender and white Muscovy drakes needs a home, happy to deliver a local radius if anyone is interested, too fond of him and his personality for the pot! :)
  5. foxy

    French Nest Boxes..

    Thought I would recycle these...they are 20 inches by 13 inches deep..perfect for my large french faverolles!
  6. foxy

    Weather this week!

    Hope everyone is managing with this wind and rain...especially if you are based in the SouthWest. We were flooded yesterday and the worst is to come today, very heavy rain and hight winds forecasted around 3pm. Take care everyone!!!
  7. foxy

    Happy Birthday Marigold!

    Happy Birthday Marigold! :-)08 :-)08 :D Hope you have a lovely day!
  8. foxy

    One of my flocks in the evening sun..

    Thought you might like to see some of my birds...this is one of my flocks enjoying some lovely evening sunshine!
  9. foxy

    Good luck and Bon Voyage Chrismahon!

    Just to say we will all miss you while you are in France setting everything up, and wish you the very best on luck in your new venture. We have all read with interest, admiration and indeed a certain amount of awe your posts which have given us all an insight into the tremendous amount of...
  10. foxy

    Lavender and White Muscovy drakes nr Bristol

    I have a few stunning lavender and white muscovy drakes available, now about 3 months old :-)17
  11. foxy

    Muscovy Ducklings...

    Something to ooh and aahh over on a Sunday morning, lavender and white Muscovy ducklings... :D
  12. foxy

    Trio of Runners for sale - near Bristol

    Lovely trio, black drake, and 1 apricot, 1 mallard runner duck, or the black drake can be swapped for a mallard runner drake :-)17
  13. foxy

    Weather this weekend...a scorcher!

    Just had a look at the weather forecast for our neck of the woods (near Bristol..) and wow!!! 20 degrees centrigrade! :shock: :D :D So lots of gardening, digging over the veggie patch maybe? hmmmm...might be a bit too much like hard work? Think there is a bee convention in Wales OH wants to...
  14. foxy

    This years youngsters....

    Hard work being a young grower, nearly fell over them they weren't going to budge! :D :D Young salmon faverolles..
  15. foxy

    Reading and District Bantam Society Open Show 25th/26th Feb

    Very friendly, well organised 2 day exhibition of beautiful bantams, lots of interesting stalls with all things chickeny, poultry for sale and a good restaurant for a natter ( inbetween mooching around the birds) who's going? :D :D More details in our events calendar see link,,note 2011...
  16. foxy

    Just hatched blue and black faverolles!

    These sweeties hatched yesterday!
  17. foxy

    First chicks of the year!

    Say hello to these adorable chicks! :D Can anyone guess the breed? :-)17 :D
  18. foxy

    Happy Birthday Tim!

    Happy Birthday Tim! Hope you are having a lovely day! :-)99 :-)99 :D
  19. foxy

    Thank you ladies!

    I always feel chuffed when the pullets come into lay! :D These young ladies, think you may remember the young chicks from last year? :D Well the young ladies are now laying well.. :-)08
  20. foxy

    Help with Posting Photos - Part 2

    Just some more help on resizing and posting photos onto the forum, will be adding one around how to use photobucket later! Hope it helps! :D 1. Find the photo you wish to load onto the forum in your "pictures" folder on your PC. Right click and the "open with" option will come up. Click on...