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  1. Marigold

    Rehoming battery rescues

    This one is mainly for Icemaiden.
  2. Marigold

    A&E Experiences

    I hope a thread with that title should produce some interesting reminiscences! I have diverticular disease, which is usually not a problem and was discovered a few years ago by accident, when having investigations for something else. However, it flared up unexpectedly and suddenly on Saturday...
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    Maybe ‘other poultry’?

    I’m not sure where this one belongs ….
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    Meeting the Queen.

    I wonder how many of us actually met the Queen, or at least saw her at some event? In 1957, I was a Girl Guide at the World Camp held in Windsor Great Park to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Scouts and Guides by Baden-Powell. There were lots of camps in the park, and each one had...
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    UK lags behind again.

    U.K. lags behind again.
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    Carbon neutral eggs, anyone?

  7. Marigold

    Fluorescent orange eggs.

    Three weeks ago I added three POL pullets to my remaining pair of older girls, and the flock has still not settled. One of the older girls has turned into a tyrant and spends her days bullying the newbies, especially one of them. All of them including the new ones are occasionally laying, except...
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    Ospreys 2022

    Update on the complicated situation at Glaslyn; Having completed a new visitor centre and equipped the Glaslyn nest with live stream cameras, it must be very frustrating for the group when, in the absence of her returning male, Aran, Mrs G...
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    Healthy hen not laying

    I have three hens, all two years old. All laid very well from coming into lay in September 2020, throughout their first winter, and the summer of 2021. They moulted, as expected, in the winter of 2021-22, and gradually returned to lay from January onwards this year. The first to lay again was...
  10. Marigold

    Green Frog becomes Nestera

    Green Frog coops has now become Nestera. Looks very similar to the previous design, with some fairly minor improvements, and a blog with advice for new keepers. I won’t need anything from them as my 12-y-old Green Frog coop is still functionally as good as new!
  11. Marigold

    Ultimate mouse trap

    I’m just not sure what you do with them afterwards …. Get a python, maybe? Or there’s this one … I felt sorry for the mouse, though. This one would be good if you wanted to catch and release a mouse, or other small mammal...
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    Full Membership Updates

    Please could everybody be sure to read the post in the Welcome and Membership section at the top of the Board Index? This is really important if we want our forum to keep going, thanks to the time-consuming work that Tim puts on on our behalf. Thank you. :D
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    2021 End of Year Membership updates

    Hi friends, I’ve just received the following message from Tim, our Forum administrator, see below; As you’ll see, at the moment Tim is left paying 40% of the hosting fees annually out of his own pocket, as well as spending many hours preventing and dealing with spammers, (20 per day!)...
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    “Worse than Covid.”
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    Living The Good Life

    I suppose HenGen comes close to this?
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    Keeping ex-batts

    Lovely article about keeping ex-batts.
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    How and when to help a chick hatch.

    Excellent article by Gail Damerow on the main Poultrykeeper website, about how to ensure successful hatching, whether to intervene, and the best ways to do so if it’s necessary. Https://
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    Heart-stopping moments

    Have you had any heart-stopping moments in your life, where you suddenly realise disaster is imminent, but then is averted by the kind actions of someone else? Yesterday I was going back and forth from the front to the back garden with huge armfuls of prunings, passing through the back gate...
  19. Marigold

    Welcome ban on foie gras in the UK I cannot imagine how or why anyone would have first done this to geese, even under Louis VI. You can still easily buy it on Amazon, never mind Fortnum & Mason...
  20. Marigold

    ‘Falling sperm count threatens human survival’

    ‘ Falling sperm count threatens human survival ’- Is this good news, or bad?