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    Different predators

    Not sure where to post this but My neighbour caught someone flying some sort of falcon which had attacked one of my goldtops so she (verbally) attacked the man after chasing the falcon out of my henrun. Hen was missing a lot of feathers but fortunately her skin was intact. I was out at the...
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    Seen a flock of geese heading north about an hour ago. Migrating early? :o
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    Whistle them home
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    Anyone else

    Stuck a chilled egg which had started to hatch in their bra to warm it up while an incubator was switched on? I was in that position yesterday, having to resusitate a straggler. It hatched overnight and chick was accepted by its mum :-)08
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    New Red Mite product, eco friendly, long lasting

    I would be interested but £8.00 for 100g postage?????
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    Bed Time

    10.45pm and the teenage birds are STILL out :roll: They might not want to go to bed but I do :-)09
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    sex ratio

    So far this year I have one pullet and 14 cockerels :roll:
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    Fox attack

    Despite being in a run with 8 feet high deer fencing and chicken wire on top of that, a fox managed to get in and take a large hen this afternoon. What made it even more annoying was that we were around at the time. Why could it not stick to the plentiful supply of rabbits in the vicinity? :evil: