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  2. Warwick Lad

    Cheery Pics

    Thought I'd have a go at posting a few goes... I'll get my coat..... :lol: BJ.
  3. Warwick Lad

    Just corn or mixed???

    We went to our local farm feeds on Tue for mainly a bag of mixed corn, in the warehouse they have cracked or what I call kibbled which is the best for the girls to go to bed on??. The mixed is mostly wheat with what looks like a small amount of fine corn...along with other seeds. BJ.
  4. Warwick Lad

    Laying from the perch....

    Went to let the girls out this morning, looked to see if there may be any eggs, yes there was...1 broken on the floor under the perch. Somebody must have decided to lay her one from up high :-)11 now we're hoping it's a one-off as they're young. BJ.
  5. Warwick Lad

    May I present the £400 egg.

    Went up the coop about 30 mins ago, and we found our first's cost about £400 but it worth it. :lol: :lol: :-)08 :-)08 BJ.
  6. Warwick Lad

    Coop plans.

    A few piccies of (sorry still a bit of fog around) our Heath Robinson setup... This is the area we will be able to use when Defra say so... :roll: the dark "stuff" on the ground are walnut leaves that need to be raked up and dumped on the compost. Our dust bath is a section of an old...
  7. Warwick Lad

    Coop plans.

    As I said in my first post we are using a coop that the farm has had for about 16 years, it's stood up well to the ravages of time....unlike me ;) I'm going to start on a new coop after Chrimbo. The said coop is all wrong in many ways, the netting boxes are higher than the roosts, so the...
  8. Warwick Lad

    How to spoil chickens

    Popped into the supermarket yesterday, came back with 4 very large white cabbages and 2 cauliflowers just for the girls. Going by the last white cabbage I hung on a cord that lasted 2 days, because of the flu that they can't have the whole run we're feeding greens also. The wife came up with a...
  9. Warwick Lad

    Hello from Warwickshire

    Hi everyone....BJ signing in looking for answers to questions that my wife & I will no doubt come up with as from last Tue week we took 9 POL chooks into our life. We live on a small farm where the owner had chickens until about 7 or 8 years back when Mr fox got in and killed the entire coop...