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  1. Tim

    Change of ownership

    Hello All, I would like to let you know about a change of ownership of the forum. As some of you will know, I have been busy with work and my other website, so I have only had time to work on the admin tasks to keep the forum running. After 14 years of running the forum, I...
  2. Tim

    New Articles for Jan / Feb 2016 coming up.

    Hi all, I wanted to share our publishing schedule for for the next couple of months. I've got the following ready to publish. There may be a few others slotted in if time allows. January 3rd: Success Breeding Chickens - Prepotent Males by poultry genetics expert Grant...
  3. Tim

    For Sale - Brecon Buff Geese - Bedfordshire

    I have a pair of Brecon Buff Geese for sale. £70 for the pair. Originally purchased from Ashton Waterfowl, 2011 Hatch. I've bred from them for the last couple of years and would like to reduce my numbers slightly. Here is the Gander at the front: And the goose / his mate: They are proven...
  4. Tim

    For Sale - Abacot Ranger Ducks - Beds. or meet via a show

    I have another pair of Abacot Ranger ducks available this year. £30 for the pair Here is a photo of this years birds: For sale is the drake and one of the ducks (they are all nice). I entered the drake and a duck in the British Waterfowl Association National Waterfowl show and the drake got a...
  5. Tim

    Red Mite Trap

    Hi Chris, One thing I found is that if you take a small tube fill it with something like chopped straw and seal the ends, leaving small holes in the ends and tape these to the underside of a perch, the red mite will move in over a few days. Before they had time to reproduce, I would empty the...
  6. Tim

    Photos of Pekin Bantams

    Here are a few photos of Pekin Bantams. Please feel free to add photos to this thread - It's nice to see birds in their natural surroundings too!
  7. Tim

    Photos of Cochin Chickens

    Some photos of Cochin Chickens:
  8. Tim

    Photos of the Appenzeller Spitzhauben

    Here are a few photos of the different colour varieties of Appenzeller Spitzhauben.
  9. Tim

    Work in progress - Our new Breeds forums :-)

    Hello all, I'm creating a set of new forums (look at the bottom of the index page), one for each breed of poultry (and one for hybrids too). I will add the photos I have taken over the years to each of these as I go, it's a big task though as they aren't sorted by breed on my hard drive...
  10. Tim

    Photos of the Ancona

    Some Ancona Bantam photos:
  11. Tim

    For Sale - Abacot Ranger Ducks - Beds. or meet via a show

    Hi Jeff, I have gone through my birds and found a trio you might like that are also not too closely related- 2 x 2012 ducks and a 2011 drake. These are the last of the 2012 ducks I have - all the others are 2009-11 and 2013 that I need to keep for breeding in the Spring. Let me know if...
  12. Tim

    Forum Clean up - Web Links

    Hi all, We are very fortunate to have some really good moderators on the forum who keep an eye out for spammers for us and members can also 'report posts' via an icon shown at the top of every post, however there are a few other ways to post links to un-reputable websites. I have been cleaning...
  13. Tim

    Part Time Secretary / Administrator for the BWA £7,200pa

    Hello all, I thought there might be someone out there interested in this position. It is a paid, part-time (2 days per week) role. The ad. has been posted on our poultry news page:
  14. Tim

    Change of Adverts

    Hi all, The ads at the bottom of the forum aren't really working - I haven't worked it out exactly but we're only covering about a month of our running costs each year. I haven't worried too much about adverts because the main site sells adverts and these currently cover our running costs as...
  15. Tim

    The National Poultry Show 2012 - Who's going?

    So, not long to go to the National Poultry Show 2012. Again, being held across two halls with around 6000 exhibits! I'm going to be there with Rupert taking photos and I have a nice trio of Light Sussex that I've hatched from Nick Smiths bloodline booked in for a sale pen but bottled out of...
  16. Tim

    Brooder ideas please

    Hi Guys, Sorry, I'm not ignoring you... it's just I had some ducklings due to hatch so I thought I'd try to get a photo of them in the rearing unit... Anyway, 13 ducklings hatched and I have taken a few photos. The unit has two areas, a bath area which will be filled with water every few days...
  17. Tim

    Chicken Dropping Photos.

    Hello all, Richard Jackson of Chickenvet is now writing bi-monthly (it was quarterly) articles for the Poultry Diseases section of the poultrykeeper site. I asked him whether he would be able to write about the different types of droppings produced by poultry from fit and healthy through to...
  18. Tim

    New poultrykeeper site :-)

    Hello all, I've been rather busy over the last 6 months working on the new poultrykeeper website so haven't been on the forum as much as I would have liked... There's still some information missing - Turkeys and Quail for example and I'm still debugging some other bits and pieces. I have...
  19. Tim

    Urgent Plea - Battery Hens Needing Homes

    I had an email from Jo Barlow, a friend of mine last night: "I have just got back from rehoming 700 hens today. Biggest rehoming in Cornwall. Amazing amount of girls. With last weeks 450 and next weeks 300-400 we are almost at 1500 in December. Still thousands going to slaughter but it is an...
  20. Tim

    British Faverolles and Deutscher Lachshünner

    Hello all, I've been talking with some Germans about Faverolles and I'm trying to make sure I have my facts and understanding right. The Deutscher Lachshünner or German Faverolles was (I'm told) split from the French and the British as early as 1905 into a seperate Breed. The German Bantam...