Bedmax= 1 bale available, free!!

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Bedmax= 1 bale available, free!!

Post by valeriebutterley » Tue May 12, 2015 6:45 am

I still have the Dengie, but will soon get it to the tip.
I now have an unwanted bale of Bedmax, wonderful stuff, but Camberley secretly is a dreadfully windy corner of the Universe, and I was finding it bleached or grown white blown around the garden, lovely!!
The bale is unopened, and anyone from the forum who is in or near Camberley is welcome to it. It really is good stuff, I cannot fault it as chick bedding,
just the fact that it seems to grow legs and wander everywhere.
So I'm back to Aubiose, but about to try Easichick bedding, very reasonably price, and delivered to the door very reasonably.
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