Calling ornamental pheasant breeders - help with ID

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Calling ornamental pheasant breeders - help with ID

Post by JimReeves » Fri May 08, 2015 11:56 am

Hello all,

Looking for some help id-ing a pheasant photographed on a clifftop in N. Wales! Not by me but see this link to Birdforum

You will see the current best guess is an immature male Reeves pheasant, but there are not many online photos of this specifically. It looks a bit like some female Reeves pheasant photos ..... but what about those spurs?

Is it universally correct that only male pheasants have spurs? Certainly when I bred ornamental pheasants years ago I'm sure that was the case ...

Any experienced advice? Any other options?
If it is an immature male then it must be an escape as the photo was taken only a couple of days ago, and I doubt any feral ornamentals are laying in December/Jan to get to this maturity by now ... but again I ask for your input.

Just trying to solve a puzzle!
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