Help to design my new chicken project - Thanks

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Re: Help to design my new chicken project - Thanks

Post by dinosaw »

thematthewtaylor wrote:
Wed Jul 01, 2020 8:01 pm
Regarding the base, I was thinking that removing the base would help waste drain to ground and control smells etc. It will be next to a neighbours garden so I want to be as good a neighbour as possible.
The best way to keep your neighbours on side is to give them half a dozen eggs every fortnight, it gets them involved and when I used to live in an urban area helped me enlist three different sets of neighbours to look after the chickens when I went on holiday. As Marigold says you shouldn't get much in the way of smells if you get in there and muck out every couple of days. Chickens actually like something over their heads, they are jungle fowl when it comes down to it and open ground isn't their natural habitat. Mine free range and the majority of time you will find them under the bushes and trees where they feel more secure.

Don't let any of this advice put you off by the way, it all sounds like a lot more effort than it actually is, if you build a decent setup in the first place, keeping chickens is relatively stress free.
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Re: Help to design my new chicken project - Thanks

Post by bigyetiman »

As Dinosaw says chickens don't smell if you keep them clean, like most animals and humans.
I have found the biggest things neighbours seem to worry about is vermin, and if you keep it clean and don't leave food lying around and you have a rodent proof run/coop that wont be a problem. Fresh eggs is a powerful peacekeeping incentive.

As you are being very sensible and doing a lot of research first, you will be just fine with hen keeping. We got a book on hen keeping, read it twice scared ourselves witless that they would succumb to every chicken disease going within a week as you do, 10 years down the line, it has been so rewarding :D :D
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Re: Help to design my new chicken project - Thanks

Post by thematthewtaylor »

bigyetiman wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:18 am
thematthewtaylor wrote:
Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:55 pm
bigyetiman wrote:
Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:23 pm
Hi and welcome, have a good look around the forum and see peoples idea and runs etc they have created.
I know many people that have lost hens to foxes in broad daylight, and it takes only a minute, so I would definitely have a covered run, a bird of prey can strike pretty quickly as well.
One thing you can come up with ideas and change as you see things on the forum, we have all done that, seen someone else's set up and thought "why didn't I do that"
What birds of prey will attack chickens in London?! Didn’t even think of that.

Will definitely have a good look at other designs.
We are in the London area also, Upminster.
Peregrines are doing well in London, and a female especially with young would if hunting for other food was difficult, a big female Sparrowhawk would definitely have a go, laying hens don't weigh much so could easily take one, and scare them witless if unsuccessful. Buzzards are doing well in certain areas. Although they take carrion, if times are hard anything is fair game.
We have several pairs of Buzzards around here, they haven't gone for the hens at all so far, but we do have breeding Peregrines so we do keep a watch on them.
Did see a Sparrowhawk eating a Guinea Pig on the fence once.
OH is a bird surveyor for the local area, and that made an interesting piece in the London Bird Report and the British Trust For Ornithology's site
This is fascinating. Lots to learn. We are in West Putney. Quite near to a wetland centre so I expect there is a healthy bird population round this way. Covered run it is!
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