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Bedding cleaner

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Ages ago I rescued an old steel lamp shade from the dump thinking it might be useful. Was about to take it back but have been looking for a way of removing poo dust from under the bedding. Deep bed is one way, of course, but I like them to be able to scratch to the bottom to trim their nails. Had been replacing the lot every month or so but with the green waste disposal at the dump being difficult to get to recently - trying to reduce the volume being dumped. First run it was too slow with the small hole for the lamp but after making the hole bigger its really fast. Best bit is that a shovelful of bedding has the dust mostly at the bottom anyway so drop it on the grill and just tip off the bigger stuff. This is Bedmax pine flakes. More Auboise would go through the grill but still I think most would tip off without going through.
I think what ends up in the bucket would be compost dynamite!
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