Urgent appeal from BHWT (British Hen welfare Trust)

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Urgent appeal from BHWT (British Hen welfare Trust)

Post by Icemaiden » Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:48 pm

I've just received the following by e-mail from the British Hen Welfare Trust. I hope that the admins won't mind me putting it on the forum...

** A message from our Founder

Back in 1995, I left a Devon-based battery farm, my Mini Metro filled with 36 feather bare chooks. This was the first commercial egg farm I’d ever visited, and although I didn’t know it at the time, that farm visit was my first hen rehoming day. The hens I took on that day inspired me to seek other like-minded people to help launch a charity dedicated to helping as many chickens as possible.

Since that day, the BHWT has grown faster than I could ever have predicted thanks to our incredibly loyal supporters. We now operate over 40 pop-up sites, are helped by 1,000 volunteers and rehome upwards of 60,000 gorgeous feathered friends each year. However, running an operation this big is not short of challenges and hen rehoming is now facing it’s biggest yet - the loss of one of our two large vans.

In late January, the van which we use to collect and transport upwards of 10,000 hens a year to our rehoming points in the south of the country, broke down. Our local mechanic confirmed our fears and we had to face the grim reality that our trusty van, which has helped us save so many girls over the years, has reached the end of its days.

We are now in desperate need of a new van as we have 6,400 hens waiting to be collected from their cages before the end of this month. Without a van, we simply cannot continue our life-saving work.
https://www.bhwt.org.uk/urgent-van-appe ... id=[UNIQID]

This week, we have seen a van which would give us everything we need. It is modern, reliable and efficient to run and fits our very unique specifications that make it suitable to be adapted to transport hens. It is available to buy straight away, but if we don't act quickly it could be sold to another buyer.

So, I’m asking for your help to ensure these sweet birds get the chance they truly deserve. To buy a new rehoming van it will cost the charity £20,000, an expense we have not budgeted for.
https://www.bhwt.org.uk/urgent-van-appe ... id=[UNIQID]

Please consider giving a donation today to contribute directly towards the funds we need to replace this vital piece of equipment. (https://www.bhwt.org.uk/urgent-van-appe ... id=[UNIQID])

When I first started out, I could only fit 36 hens in my Mini Metro, but your money could enable us to rehome tens of thousands of hens over the next few years, saving their lives and allowing them to become beloved pets.

Your generosity truly can make a difference, helping us to continue to save lives long into the future, thank you.

DONATE TODAY (https://www.bhwt.org.uk/urgent-van-appe ... id=[UNIQID])
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Re: Urgent appeal from BHWT (British Hen welfare Trust)

Post by Tweetypie » Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:03 pm

Might be best trying a larger audience on Facebook, using "go fund me". I rehomed a couple of your hens. I wish you much luck and hope you get your transport very soon.
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Re: Urgent appeal from BHWT (British Hen welfare Trust)

Post by Marigold » Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:07 pm

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