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Chinese painted quail help

Post by Albandito99 » Thu May 16, 2019 6:39 pm

Hi all, so I have a large aviary that I built to keep zebra finch and thought if would be good to introduce some CPQ as the ground birds for my aviary, they were bought as pets with no intention of them breeding because I've been told that they don't breed naturally, Brilliant.... or so I thought.
So to cut a long story short both females have made nests and have been sitting on eggs for a while now, the 1st female must of been ahead because her chicks hatched 3 days ago, all fine and there was 7, now I have came home from work today and I'm now down to 3! 😓😥
Also I have a camera inside the aviary but it doesn't record but I sat and observed and I've seen the second female pecking the remaining babies so I'm guessing she is guilty of the loss of the first 4 today!
Am I best to remove the remaining 3 live chicks from there mum?
Remove the other female who is causing harm (bare in mind she is sitting on eggs too)
Or let nature take its course?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated
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