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Mystifies Me!

Post by Hen-Gen » Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:29 pm

Every year since Moses was a child I’ve started saving eggs on March 7th for incubation on March 21st. This year only about a third of my hens are in lay. They’ve been flubenvetted, treated for any possible ecto parasites and appear to be in excellent health and in the last month all have developed red combs. They are in separate groups so I can’t put it down to some rogue egg eater. Any explanations?
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Re: Mystifies Me!

Post by chrismahon » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:30 pm

Could be weather or perhaps they sense the uncertainty surrounding Brexit? But seriously, unseasonably very hot followed by cold, wet and windy may have confused them?
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Re: Mystifies Me!

Post by Marigold » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:31 pm

How old are they? My hybrids are entering their second year and show no signs of slowing down, min. of 4 eggs per day and often a full house of 5. Quite hard to find enough people to give them away to. Shell quality is becoming a little thinner and paler, so have started Nettex mineral supplement in their afternoon mash, plus I'm hard boiling a spare couple of eggs every day or so and bashing them up, shells and all, into their mash, using the end of the rolling pin. Every scrap is fought for and eaten clean.
In that recent spell of freak warm weather I reinstated the high long perch in the run which they'd been roosting on all summer, before I took it down in November once the weather got really cold, wet and windy. All winter they had roosted in the coop, pooing in the nest boxes to make their point, so I was pleased to see all 5 lined up on the high perch, pooing in a neat line underneath, and laying lovely clean eggs in an unsullied coop. After a week, when it got cold and windy again, the two more sensible ones retired to the coop, leaving the 2 leghorns and the columbine to brave the elements. I'm surprised they weren't blown away last night in the gales, but they did have the choice.
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