For Sale - Nottingham - Young Ancona Cockerel

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For Sale - Nottingham - Young Ancona Cockerel

Post by Sandrine » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:24 pm

Hi All,

I was hoping to be able to keep him, but unfortunately, it's getting more and more difficult. Tom the Ancona Cockerel, is full of character and is definitely the dominant one in the coop. We have another cockerel, must more gentle and quieter and we are keeping this one. Tom is far too noisy and aggressive for us. He may settle and calm down with age as he is still quite young but I can't wait that long! We have had him from egg,... He hatched in the week starting 9th July 2018. He's a very good flyer as well (ended up on top of the neighbour's greenhouse once!). He's also very protective of the girls and doesn't like it if we come too close to them.
He has a favourite amongst our hens, a black mottled pekin bantam. She's too small for him really and I think she's soon going to get fed up with him also.
I am open to offers as I really have no idea on price - we are not breeders. The main thing for me is to know that he'll go to a good home where he can thrive...

I will try and post some pictures as soon as I can get some taken of him.

I really hope we can find him a new home very soon. Thank you
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