Sorting old photos

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Re: Sorting old photos

Post by chrismahon »

We've been going through old photos as well (bad weather job), trying to put subjects together with a view to deleting some repeats. We also have some videos, mainly of our chickens, because I used to get homesick in England and it was nice to be reminded where I would be in a week or so. Have also deleted dozens of old house viewings- think we viewed 50 places in all before buying this. We really did see some bad ones- asbestos roofing is common and very expensive to remove, surrounding vineyards sprayed with toxic chemicals, serious subsidence, driveways that even a tractor would struggle along in Winter and most so run down that the repair bills would exceed the final value (common buyer's mistake). I heard of someone who made a 300K offer on an 800K property, which was rejected initially but accepted 6 months later. After spending over 1 million (it was nice apparently) on the renovations it was then valued at- you've guessed it- 800K.

A complete aside, one thing I have discovered is that to learn French (perhaps any other language) you also need to re-learn English. I'm trying to avoid the use of the verb 'to get' now because it doesn't exist as such in French and is therefore meaningless. If you give it some thought you will realise that it is unnecessary in English and can in every case be replaced by something more exact. I've had to edit the previous paragraph.

On the subject of giving up smoking Hen-Gen, I managed once to stop for 18 months, but started again when someone lit a Hamlet next to me in the pub. Last time I tried I managed 2 weeks but at that stage had completely lost the power of speech- couldn't put a word together, let alone a sentence. After a couple of cigarettes I was completely back to 'normal'! I've met a few people with the same problem.
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Re: Sorting old photos

Post by Hen-Gen »

You have my sympathy Chris. There is a guy here who is desperate to give up and has all those devices that help you to stop. However he says that the ritual of rolling a cigarette is part of it as is the social pressure to join others in a huddle outside the bar. Is it right that there is now a drug that makes you nauseous to the point of vomiting if you smoke?
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