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Post by Hen-Gen » Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:01 am

I used to know this but I’ve forgotten.
How do you get those symbols for male and female to include in the text? That’s the circle with the arrow for male and the circle with the plus sign for female.
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Re: Technology

Post by rick » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:19 pm

Ah! They came out rather small!
It depends on what you are typing in and the font preferences for that application. i.e. I'm typing in Firefox to write this and the default font is DejaVu Serif which contains the symbols (they are also the planet symbols for Venus and Mars.)
I copied and pasted the symbols from Libre Office by inserting special characters (drop down menu 'Insert' > 'Special Characters' ) which showed me all the characters to choose from. Keyboard shortcuts are more difficult - If you are using Microsoft Word then someone may just happen to know the key combo to get those characters. (there are utility applications which you can install which makes finding key combos for special characters easier - in Windows you could try looking in the utilities already installed from the 'Start' menu I think)
But if you just need them occasionally (not typing them all the time) then just copy and paste them into the document from anywhere, like the top of this post or a Wikipedia page or any document you already have them in

... I think the utility in Windows is called 'Character Map'. It may even tell you the keyboard combo or it may just say U+2640 and U+2642 which are the Unicode numbers for the characters. If I type ctrl + alt + u I get to type the Unicode number for the character to inset it but this is in Linux Mint.
Copy and paste will always work (as long as the font your using has those symbols in it) and is probably the easiest work-around.
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