Cream Legbars

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Cream Legbars

Post by Hen-Gen » Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:42 am

As with most years back in March I bought some eBay eggs to hatch alongside my own. All the chicks are now 10 weeks old. Lavender Araucanas look like what they are. The one Copper Black Maran that hatched is black and has feathered legs. But the Cream Lebars from three different suppliers are a joke. Some clearly lack the cream gene and have bright gold necks. Some appear to possess the Columbian gene and have white breasts. Two clearly lack the crest gene.
Now I have no doubt that there are breeders out there with excellent stock who breed to type. But from my experience apart from indeed being blue egged they are a diverse bunch of rubbish. Probably the last time I ever bother with this breed.
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Re: Cream Legbars

Post by Icemaiden » Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:27 pm

Don't give up on them, Hen-Gen! They're the cutest, funniest personalities that you'll ever meet! Fleet of foot when you want a cuddle, unless you have mealworms to hand, when they'll be all over your lap!

First to the treats & nothing but nothing gets past them in the food stakes!!
Chickens are a girl's best friend (though diamonds would be nice too!)
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