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Re: Chicken Utopia!

Post by rick » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:18 pm

I love the way, when you come out of the back door with a bowl or handful of something that is probably tasty, they run up and down the wire sticking their head through each gap as if this time it might, miraculously, be big enough to jump through.
The plants in the garden are starting to go past their best so more opportunity for 'escaping' as the summer wears on.
Apparently not tasty:
something that looks a bit like mint with little blue flowers,
the hydrangeas
Very tasty:
everything else
I've rigged up a Heath Robinson, bucket of water with a hole in and bungee strap powered slow treats dispenser for when I'm at work. Ah well what else you going to do on a Sunday?
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Re: Chicken Utopia!

Post by RichmondHens » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:07 am

I've scaled back my free rangers (by this I mean proper free range across pasture, hedgerows etc) to just 4 oldish bantams, in part due to last year's explosion of sneakily hatched unplanned chicks, and then the bird flu restrictions meaning everyone had to be shut up all winter. Everything is now in coops, the flighty birds in a roofed pen. Not ideal, of course they would love to be out but they have adapted. The LF still have large enclosures though so they are ok. The thing is, if mine were all free I'm sure they would spend 90% of the time camped on my doorstep rather than making the most of their freedom, as they are convinced I am a walking larder and my regular appearances provoke almost hysterical behaviour, climbing gates, fences etc in an attempt to see if I have brought them anything. If I am just on an "egg round" they soon lose interest and wander off to dig about in some corner or other, wearing their sulky beak face.

I used to let my growers free range during the period in their lives where they had outgrown the chick runs but were too small to be integrated into the LF enclosures. One day I came in from the garden to find 3 youngsters having fun on the kitchen table, looking for snacks amongst the unwashed dishes!
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Re: Chicken Utopia!

Post by bigyetiman » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:41 pm

Weirdly none of my lot show any interest in bean plants or tomatoes, and bedding plants get left alone, they are too interesting in scratching about, or watching those large bird things on opposite side of the fence that actually jump into water and swim whats that all about, and watching humans in the kitchen can provide endless entertainment to.
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