Chinese Painted Quails looking for new home

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Chinese Painted Quails looking for new home

Post by Sandrine »

I have thought about it long and hard but unfortunately I think I need to re-home my four CPQs (2 couples). Blue, Hedgehog, Penny and Charley Jr.

Penny is the eldest, the other 3 are from same hatching. All 4 were hatched by Martha, my first female, who's not with us anymore since last December. I can't remember exactly when they all hatched but I'd say Penny is around 1½ year and the other 3 a little under 1 year. I will try and find the photos of when they hatched to have a better idea. I will also try and get photos, though they're not the easiest to photograph 😅
Penny is brown on the top and white underneath, so is Charley Jr. Blue is like your typical king quail look with the blue bib and hedgehog looks like a hedgehog... (Very creative names lol).
Ideally they would be better with a couple more girls, especially for the times when Penny goes broody.

I love them to bits, they are very interesting little birds with their personality. I have very much enjoyed watching them hatch too and watch them go from bumblebee to beautiful little quails.

However I think my dog - a now 9 months old border collie - is stressing them and it's not fair on them.
One of the girls, the eldest (Penny) has almost hatched eggs 2 or 3 times but I think Suzie (the dog) is the reason why she doesn't go to the end.

All Suzie does is stand with her nose almost to the enclosure and sometimes put both front paws on it or even scratch it (not the right word... She doesn't use her claws, just paddles with her legs and bang against the enclosure with her feet...Sorry can't find my words).

It's not constant, maybe not even everyday if we can keep Suzie away from them but it concerns me each time it happens. To be fair 75% of the time I think the quails don't care. In fact they seem more concerned by humans feeding them than by a dog who wants to play with them.

We've tried several ways to get Suzie to leave them alone, but to no avail. A dog trainer helped too but Suzie is.... Headstrong let's say... She treats the quails the same way she does the chickens. The chickens are absolutely not bothered anymore. I don't think we'll get there with the quails.

So yeah let me know if you are interested please.
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