Climate emergency

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Re: Climate emergency

Post by Tweetypie »

I have also noticed a decline in bees, so far this year. Last year, I did see huge numbers on my lavender bushes, so I planted another 10, which are almost in flower, so fingers crossed for an abundance of bees soon.
I have only seen one swift this year and a massive decline of blue tits and finches in my garden, despite the feeders being out all year. The blackbirds and thrushes are doing well, though.
In the Sherwood Pines forest, hundreds of thousands of trees were cut down in March. The forest looked like it had been vandalised. Where the lorries had been in, despite large roads they in, they still demolished lots of footpaths. In addition to this, the piled up stacks of logs (some of which I stole for my dustbath early April ;-) ), were removed last Friday!! Now I imagine that some birds or creatures may have built nests in there between March and June??
I wrote to the government about this, with a standard response that the trees were diseased (they were not - they were planted originally for pit props and telegraph poles). I thought we were meant to be planting trees to help save wildlife and our planet?

The bench photo is poignant, as it was put there in memory of someone, overlooking the beautiful forest. Sadly, hundreds of acres have now gone...
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Re: Climate emergency

Post by chrismahon »

That's a disgrace Tweetypie and it's happening here as well. Half the woodland has been cut down since the 1990 mapping and these are oaks, so can't be replaced for a century. Of the remainder they have been thinned out to the extent that you can drive through them.

We had so many bees here beginning of Spring but now hardly any which means our tomatoes are on the third truss and still not pollinated. We think it's because of the Asian Hornets which hunt down the hives and destroy them. We have thousands of wild flowers on our land and just the occasional bumble bee flying about now. We have more butterflies than bees.

I remember a programme years back which said that warming of the Atlantic will cause storm ferocity to increase, fuelled by the extra heat which allows them to travel further East- sounds like it is happening.

We discussed a while back the hole in the ozone layer and that it was now mending. Well a French programme last month showed the hole which, whilst it has got a very tiny bit smaller, is still large enough to permanently cover the UK and because it tends to swirl a bit sometimes gets this far South- we get days when you can feel your skin burning after seconds of sun exposure! Yet whenI was last in the UK, I was the only person wearing a hat.
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Re: Climate emergency

Post by LadyA »

It's a little late for the cuckoo, isn't it? But I distinctly heard one yesterday! We used to get them here, but I haven't heard any for the last four or five years until yesterday!
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