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peter wade
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problem with drake

Post by peter wade »

i'm wondering if members could help,i've a indian runner drake and the trouble is his penis will not go back in.until this happened he was treading ok ,had this happen to a kc drake a few yrs ago and he lasted another 3yrs with no side affects. this time i think i will have to dispatch said bird any ideas why this has happened.
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Re: problem with drake

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Hiya :)

this is quite a common problem in mating season. Best thing is to keep him separate, keep the prolapse clean and after a few days it should retract.
If it doesn't then it can be removed quite easily at the vets and he can go back to normal. Depending on how much needs to come off will depend on if he can perform, most are still fertile as the penis is only a grooved bit of gristle which the semen flows down the outside of.
No need to dispatch :)
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