fox got chicks and peachicks :( looking to replace

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fox got chicks and peachicks :( looking to replace

Post by cmfam »

Stupid fox (putting that very politely) - killed all my chicks and baby peacocks today - not happy and very upset :cry

loads of work gone into rearing peacocks from hatching them this year anand only put them in with chickens last week, husband said there was an "earthing" fault with fence and was not letting current through to netting! must have been a fox and not dog as you get a knowledge of these things over the years. looking to replace the chicks and hopefully some young peahens asap as youngest 11 year old son helped rear them and is really upset , anyone knows anyone selling in the pembrokeshire fishguard area, please let me know (fence in again sorted and this is the first time a fox has got our birds in 10 years)

thank you clare
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Re: fox got chicks and peachicks :( looking to replace

Post by tygrysek75 »

Really sorry for your loss.It is heart breaking to find this.This is why I prefer something more solid than electric fencing,you never can be sure if something won't happend to the power.I hope you will find some chicks but is late in season and it may be better wait till spring time.
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