blood on Elsie's crop.

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clucking chicks
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blood on Elsie's crop.

Post by clucking chicks »

Please can you advise ..... Elsie has quite a large crop but as it's the evening,I'm not overly concerned.... except she is missing a few feathers from her crop and there is a little blood on her skin. Doris may have pulled some feathers out but I thought they usually did that at the other end! I don't think she has cut herself..... and I don't really know what to do.
Elsie is fine in herself and has just launched herself down the garden breaking land speed records after a grape so is showing no other signs of being poorly.
Although it's tricky as you can't see her (or my little set-up) but does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong and what to do about it?

(I know I shouldn't have favourites... but Elsie is mine!!!!) :-)02
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Re: blood on Elsie's crop.

Post by Philcott »

I would use the good old 'purple spray' on her cut. It disguises the red so that the other hens don't take an interest. I'm not sure of the correct name, but it is the one you buy in the horsey shops for use on horses! ;)
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Re: blood on Elsie's crop.

Post by karminski »

it is bascailly called purlpe spray but watched your hands and clothes it stains like theres no tomorrow :lol: been using it for nearly 30 yrs and i still manage to cover myself in the stuff .
a bit of advice if you can use cotton wool or tissue to apply to it to chickens if you spray it on them and you put on a bit to much they will shake and cover you in the stuff :D
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Re: blood on Elsie's crop.

Post by chrismahon »

Gentian Violet is the purple stuff. We use cotton buds to avoid (or try to) getting on our skin.

We had a spate of feather pulling from the neck. Thought it was the return of head lice and sprayed with frontline but it turned out to be a mad Legbar who now has a Bumpa bit fitted.

A liitle blood will probably be dried and gone by the morning but you need to keep a careful eye on the situation CC and if it continues you may have to isolate the pecker until it has healed completely.
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