Seramas stopped laying please help

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Seramas stopped laying please help

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Hey, i bought 2 serama hens 3-4 weeks ago, they are a year old. the previous owner kept them in a large rabbit cage indoors and she got 2-4 eggs a week without fail. i keep them in my outdoor coop with 2 young RHRs and 2 young Buffs. i got at least 1 egg a day from the hens during the first 3 days i had them, since then they haven't layed at all. is this normal? the coop has a large run without a roof so they do get wet sometimes, could this be putting them off, also will a cockeral encourage them to lay? i have a young serama cock to introduce into the group in a couple of months.
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Re: Seramas stopped laying please help

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Can we ask do you have a hen house for your chickens that you shut them up in at night and they can visit during the day to lay in their nest boxes. Chickens need to have somewhere they can go to for shelter and also an area that’s quiet, slightly darkened, positioned lower than their perch area and away from the other birds to lay. The provision of this should provide your hens with the environment they need to lay eggs successfully. One nest box per three hens should be ample.

As you have only had your birds for three to four weeks there is also the distinct possibility that your chickens are still adapting to their new environment. This can often take some time and the initial stress of the move often manifests itself a few weeks down the line. Stress of moving to a new environment, eating new food and mixing with new hens can cause the hens to stop laying for a while however this should hopefully sort itself as they become accustomed to this.

Introducing a cockerel does not usually encourage hens to lay, if he is fertile and mates successfully you will have fertile eggs, these can obviously still be eaten.

We hope this helps.

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