my chicken has a orangey coloured runny pooh

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my chicken has a orangey coloured runny pooh

Post by kmp1983 »

i've had my 5 chickens for just over a week and all was fine until yesterday when i noticed one of my girls has orangey coloured runny pooh and today i've noticed she has either a cough or sneezes. her appetite is fine she enjoy's a mixture of foods and she drinks plenty of water.
the rest of my chickens are fine and happy poohs are normal and they are very active.

Ive noticed that her droppings now contain blood clots so a bit worried now as she is the most loving one out of the 5.

can anyone help me with my symptoms as im very confused

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Re: my chicken has a orangey coloured runny pooh

Post by ncotb » check out this link to see if the poo compares with any of these. Is your girl sounding rattly, bubbly eyes? If so she may have a respiratory infection which will need antibiotics.
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Re: my chicken has a orangey coloured runny pooh

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It is promising to hear that your chicken is still eating and drinking normally however it sounds like your chicken may have developed a respiratory infection and possibly a gut infection.

We would recommend that you take your chicken to the vets as it is likely that she will require a treatment of antibiotics which will also help to treat the runny faeces.

You could try a product called ‘Beryl’s Friendly Bacteria’ which is an effective product in treating diarrhoea. Beryl’s will help to colonise the chicken’s gut forming a physical barrier against harmful bacteria. It is also useful during times of stress. You may find that your new chickens are slightly stressed due to a change in environment.

We hope this helps,
Chicken Vet
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