black hard scabs on roosters comp

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black hard scabs on roosters comp

Post by poultryinchalkidiki »

the rooster (a buff Brahma) i got 3 days ago has some black hard scabs on his comp (i think it is frostbite) the farm i got him from is at 1000 meters altitude so he must have experienced freezing conditions before i got him.
i am treating him with fucidin antibiotic cream + baby Vaseline with chamomile and aloe Vera
any others tips of what i could do for his comp. (i live 100 meters away from the sea so it almost never drops bellow freezing around here).
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Re: black hard scabs on roosters comp

Post by Davidd »

Hello, it may be damage caused by fighting- were there other cockerels where he came from?
It should heal normally :)
regards, David :)
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Re: black hard scabs on roosters comp

Post by Chicken Vet »


Chicken Vet agrees that if you can find out any history about whether the bird has been fighting it would be useful. The black scabby areas could be a result of frost damage and using vaseline will help to soften any hardened areas. It may also be a good idea to check the bird for any signs of lice or mites. If there is any evidence then treat him and any other birds he has come into contact with. We would recommend Ivermectin drops for the bird and perhaps a detergent such as Poultryshield for the coop. Remember if the drops are used on laying hens then you must withdraw the eggs for seven days.

Best Wishes,

Chicken Vet
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Re: black hard scabs on roosters comp

Post by Tim »

Where are the scabs? Frostbite usually shows on the very tips. Fighting can be anywhere.

Even if it is fighting, it doesn't necessarily mean he was left to spar with others, sometimes boys will be boys and squabble through a fence, causing themselves some minor cuts on the fence wire.
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Re: black hard scabs on roosters comp

Post by lwescott »

Sounds like it could be fighting to me, they can even fight with the girls!

I'z just watch it and shouldn't take too long to heal! :)
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