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Re: Vetark Zolcal D

Post by chrismahon »

I've heard of Zocal D being prescribed by a vet and used with success on ex-batts, although there is no guarantee it will always work. The egg shell forming process is very complicated as the Calcium is eaten in the feed, stored in the bones and is then transferred to the egg shell when required. Together with Calcium they need Phosphorous and vitamin D to effect the transfer. The feed we buy has a ratio of 8:1 Calcium to Phosphorous and added vitamin D and no chemical colourants (cunningly labeled 'yolk enhancers' to confuse the buyer). Anyone in France may like to know that the brand is Sanders.
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Re: Vetark Zolcal D

Post by Tweetypie »

Thanks again, everyone. I am off to the feed store today. Thanks for diverting me to that feed post Marigold, I just had a read of it. :-)
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Re: Vetark Zolcal D

Post by Icemaiden »

Tweetypie wrote:
Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:56 am
My garage is going to be full of chicken feed and supplements soon ]
Just make sure that the feed is all in rodent proof containers e.g. meatloaf dustbins with metal lids, otherwise your garage will be full of rats & nice too :cry:
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