chickens failing to thrive

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Re: chickens failing to thrive

Post by Margaid » Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:10 pm

Hen-Gen wrote:
rick wrote:
Hen-Gen wrote:It's a bit like male goats urinating on their own beards to increase their sex appeal.
That is so funny! As well as conjuring up images of goatie hipsters - just how do they do that?! :D
This might be straying into one of those 'too much information' type conversations but they stick their heads down between their front legs and pee forewards on to it. This combined with their foul smelling musk glands makes taking a female goat for mating on the back seat of a Volkswagen beetle an unrepeatable experience, or I should say the return journey. :(
Be thankful for small mercies: at least you weren't transporting the billy! :lol:
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