Healthy hen not laying

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Re: Healthy hen not laying

Post by Marigold »

Well, I may need that pic of you, BYM.

The Last Warning Talk on March 29 produced an egg from Amber on March 30, and another on March 31, as above.
Since then, nothing, nada, not a single one in the past 8 weeks.
Consequently, she is now in glorious health, every glossy feather in place, first to the treats bowl and bossing the other two about. Piper and Ash are still working hard, each laying almost every day, and both looking comparatively middle-aged as a result.
However, Ash, the partridge leghorn, has just decided to moult. The run is full of feathers and she looks a sorry bird, her beautiful tail falling to bits, and with her lovely grey and brown feathers sticking out at odd angles, what’s left of them. She did a good moult in December so no way is another one due yet. She used to be the boss until Amber took over the role in the past few weeks. However, SHE IS STILL LAYING nearly every day, great big eggs!
Here she is, the poor girl, looking really tatty.
3A635555-30B7-4B80-89B1-F38464B73217.jpeg (145.61 KiB) Viewed 231 times
And here is Amber, next to her, looking as if she’s just got back from the groomer, obviously intending to have first go at the corn on the plate.
67A6B818-79F6-43EF-9389-23D94192D048.jpeg (140.79 KiB) Viewed 231 times
With the price of feed going up, my patience is getting thin…….
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Re: Healthy hen not laying

Post by bigyetiman »

It may need a picture of me then. Or tell her you will send Boris round to party, that should scare her back to normality.

She must be having a mid life crisis, poor dear
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