Avian Flu

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Re: Avian Flu

Post by dianefairhall »

I've never seen a white-tailed eagle directly overhead, Chick, we just see them flying over the loch where they hunt. The golden eagles fly so high they wouldn't notice the hens, I don't suppose.
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Re: Avian Flu

Post by Marigold »

Latest on the spread of current virus.
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/ ... urope-asia
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Re: Avian Flu

Post by Icemaiden »

Thanks for posting that, Marigold. I'm glad I was able to adopt my ex batts when I did- I can feel another "flockdown" lurking just around the corner :-(
Chickens are a girl's best friend (though diamonds would be nice too!)
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