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Re: Feather pecking

Post by Marigold »

Oh my goodness, I see that the original posts about Morag were 9 months ago! So you and your hens have been putting up with her all that time! I gather the spray etc didn’t work?
I’ve only ever had one really problem hen, one which persisted in flying up to my shoulder and pecking me, it was quite upsetting and I had to do something about it before we went on holiday and left them in the care of a local teenager for a week. As mine was quite a young pullet I also managed to rehome her, and apparently she wasn’t a problem in a bigger flock, though she did die soon after from a sudden overnight prolapse.
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Re: Feather pecking

Post by dianefairhall »

Yes Marigold, all that time! She was better for a while after they were finally let out (was it May?) and then she started again. No, the spray seemed to have little effect, just temporarily then she seemed to ignore it. Then a week ago she became aggressive to the others in front of me when I was giving them a treat and I said to OH, she'll have to go. OH asked the postman and he said he'd take her. He has about 30 hens and says Morag joined the flock quite happily. I think it will be better for all concerned. Our other two are already looking more relaxed not having to avoid her and the nights in the Eglu must be far less stressful.
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