Impacted/sour crop and examining the whole bird

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Impacted/sour crop and examining the whole bird

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I've recently taken a hybrid bird with an impacted crop to a poultry vet. She said that sour and/or impacted crop is always secondary to another condition or being run down in some way or low immune system. On examination her belly was hard as well which is unusual, so she might also have peritonitis or something else going on. I then suggested putting her to sleep if the crop flush would be unlikely to sort things out. Instead, she offered to open her up for the same cost to see what was going on and the bird was full of tumours. So its worth checking the whole bird and its belly if an impacted crop is not resolving.
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Re: Impacted/sour crop and examining the whole bird

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Wow. That's good to know. I've never experienced either condition in a hen, but it's good to have this info.
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