Keeping Guinea Fowl with chickens

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Re: Keeping Guinea Fowl with chickens

Postby chrismahon » Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:31 am

Welcome to the forum Anniew. We have the opportunity to keep Guinea Fowl here now but have decided against it due to the noise. This is a very quiet place and you can here cockerels crowing a mile away.

As Animartco said above, "they don't disturb at night for anything trivial." I agree with you in that usually a fox would finish off everything. But perhaps the noise from the Guinea Fowl made it leave quickly? Alternatively how about a mink? Have you lost any more?
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Re: Keeping Guinea Fowl with chickens

Postby Icemaiden » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:31 pm

Hi Anniew.
Welcome to the forum, but commiserations on the loss of your Guineafowl. (Should that be Guineahen for a female?)
I didn't get any Guineafowl in the end, as I wasn't keen on being woken up at dawn each day through the summer, so my knowledge is still restricted to what I've read on here. Interesting to hear that it is possible to train them to lay their eggs somewhere that they can be retrieved from though.

Are your birds completely free range, or are they in an enclosure? If enclosed, does it have a roof? I was sorry to hear that one had been caught - I naïvely thought that they roosted out of reach, in trees.
Do you feed them as you would hens, or do they find their own food & keep the lawn under control?
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