dislocation of hip jpoint?

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dislocation of hip jpoint?

Post by mn33do » Sat May 19, 2012 11:18 pm

I have two turkey chicks, 10 days old.
one had club feet, now much better after strapping them, he eats and he is on a sling because his left leg doesn't support the weight of his body...
the right leg strenght is improving fantastically.

sadly he has problem at the hip. it is not set properly, it seems double jointed.
i don't want to kill the chick, he is extremely healthy, and both the chicks survived a drop in temperature -eggs were cold- when there was a blckout and the incubator was cut off, a week before aching.
i am prepared to do anything, even an op to get the chick on his feet. it is probably a girl.

any suggestions, please?
the advice i have been given to strap his feet worked perfectly.

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Re: dislocation of hip jpoint?

Post by chrismahon » Sun May 20, 2012 11:25 am

I don't think an op will help Mn33do, as the full joint has not developed. The important thing is it isn't allowed to 'double joint' which will give it time to develop completely, if it is ever going to? So I guess the sling is the way to go, but I am worried that the muscles won't develop either because they are not being used.

I know you are working hard to save this chick mn33do but there comes a time when you have to put your feelings aside and think what's best for the chick. Will it be able to enjoy a normal life?
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Re: dislocation of hip jpoint?

Post by AlexArt » Mon May 21, 2012 12:34 pm

Poor little mite, I'd be worried too about the fact it has club feet and is now in a sling - it needs weight on those feet to help straighten them, not to mention develop muscles, if that were the only problem I'd say go for it and give it a chance, but if the hip joint is dodgy now and can't support it's weight then if it were mine I'm afraid I'd call it a day. Eating and drinking are all very well and good but if it can't walk or function normally then the prognosis is poor realistically, and those alone do not mean it is healthy the poor little thing is far from healthy - it sounds like a little hamburgh chick I hatched a few days ago - the hock joint was not formed properly and it was never going to miraculously grow a normal joint with food etc - it would just mean it was in pain all the time and unable to walk, I called it a day with it despite it eating and drinking well.

Also you have to think ahead - turkeys grow and pile on weight very quickly and with a no workable hip joint it is doomed anyway even if it could support some weight with just the muscles the extra strain on the other leg will mean it will go off that leg too very quickly, if it did survive long term it would have serious arthritis in that joint and be in alot of pain, no vet would operate on such a small fast growing chick - you can't make a new joint - even on an adult bird I doubt they'd do anything either, it's not like a dog where they have their weight spread over 4 limbs so one missing is not too much of a problem but with a 2 legged animal - not a chance. You could also never breed from this bird, if it did by some miracle survive that long, as it's likley a congenital defect.
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