MARCH 2012 - Polands

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Re: MARCH 2012 - Polands

Postby Lordcluck » Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:52 am

Polands can be at a disadvantage when mixed with other breeds, due to their restricted field of vision, but with care, they can be mixed with other breeds quite well. You can trim crests to Improve their visibility, You can even tie or tape them up . As a breed they are best kept dry, and confined to covered runs or Scratching houses on wet days, as crests act like sponges, and a Poland with a sodden and heavy crest can quickly become a sick Poland! Also drinkers with narrow troughs or drawers, rather like tubular Cage bird gravity drinkers are best, as this breed tends to dunk it's entire head when it drinks from open water. Similarly, they tend to collect mud in their crests if allowed to range on wet, heavy soils for any length of time, Which can trap germs and weigh the crest down,restricting the birds vision still further. Regular checks to make sure eyes, nostrils, and ears ( particularly in bearded Polands) and the crease of skin above the eye created by the breed's vaulted skull are clean and free from ' gunk ' is good practice, and of course frequent crest checks for Mite are a must! White cresteds in particular are prone to heavy infestations of Mite in the crest.
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